Who can participate in your program and do you accept investors from all countries?

Any individual or corporation from any country may open an account with us and we are happy to accept investors from any place in the world. The only condition is accepting our terms of service.

In a case of emergency, how can I contact you?

If you have any technical problems or further questions, you are most welcome to contact us using our friendly support center to send a support request and also our livechat support .

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major payment systems of the market, including PerfectMoney, and BitCoin. We aim to add PayPal and direct credit card payment interface in the near future.

Are you protected from DDoS attacks?

Yes, we are using the most powerful DDoS protection in the industry with 100% up-time guarantee. Our worldwide web servers are protected by DDoSGuard, the world's largest and most trusted DDoS protection and mitigation provider.

How many accounts can I create from one Computer?

You can create 3 (three) separate accounts from your computer and your IP address and one account for your family. If we find more accounts used through the same IP address, we can suspend your account temporarily. All account should have different ewallet and email data.


I forgot my Password. What do I need to do now?

You must follow the steps below: 1) Click "Forgot your username or password?" in the login page or "Account Recovery" on top. 2) Enter your e-mail address or username used for registration, and click on the "Recover" button. 3) You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. Click the link in the e-mail. 4) You will receive the second e-mail notifying your new password. You can sign in with new password and modify your password in "Settings" section.

I'm having trouble logging into my account, What do I need to do now?

Please install the latest version of FireFox and clear your browser cache and data then try again. If you can't sign into your account again, please add to your email contacts list then use "Account Recovery" option.

How can I change my personal information in my account?

Log into the account and click "Edit Account" to enter the personal information page where you will be able to modify your data. Save the changes when all necessary data are entered. However, you may not modify your e-mail and e-wallet because this function is disabled for security reasons. If you want to change these data, please contact us and include your secret questions and secret answer in your message.

How secure is your website and my account data?

We have a wide range of security measures to protect your account. Our website is protected against DDoS attacks, all transferred data are SSL-encrypted and we use a licensed script, also we are using a few of online security certificates, you are able to see most of them in our main page. Our website is located on a dedicated server with a firewall installed on it.


How long will it take to add deposit amount into my account?

Your account will be updated after 3 confirmations from blockchain but for perfectmoney account is instant deposit. .

What is the minimum and maximum amount of deposit?

The minimum investment amount is only $30 and the maximum amount is $unlimited .

Can I make additional investments at any time?

Yes, there is no limitation. You can make as many deposits as you want.

I made a deposit and there is no active fund in transactions history. What do I need to do now?

Please send us your deposit details and we will update your account after 3 confirmations from blockchain network but for perfectmoney its instant credit .

Please send us your deposit details and we will update your account within 24 hours.

Yes, you can make as many deposits as you want through different payment systems.


After I make a withdrawal request, when will my withdrawal request be processed?

Your withdrawal request will be processed instantly .

What is the minimum and maximum amount that can be withdrawn?

The minimum withdrawal amount is only $30.00 and the maximum amount is not limited.

When can I withdraw funds from available balance?

You can withdraw funds from your available balance anytime you want and without any fee.

Can I withdraw funds using a different digital currency?

No, you can request a withdrawal to a payment processor that you have previously deposited from.


Who can join your referral program?

Everyone can join.

How does the referral program work and how much can I earn?

We offer a flexible affiliate program to our customers. It is a great way to make extra money. By inviting more people to our investment programs, or promoting our website using our banners or text ads you earn more of your referral deposit volume. You will instantly receive a 5% commission from any referral that deposits to their account.

How do I get my referral link, view the total number of referrals and referral materials such as banners?

Your referral link is created automatically when you open an account. You will find your link along with banner ads in the "Affiliate" section. Also you will find everything related to your referrals such as total number of referrals, active referrals, etc.

Can I recommend myself for commission and bonus?

No, recommending yourself is deemed as a kind of cheating and extremely forbidden in our referral program. You will not get any commission or bonus by recommending yourself. Besides, we may suspend your accounts.